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More than training.... if that's what you want

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3 Approaches to Curriculum

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Bespoke means we come in and assess your requirements, then work with you to design exclusive and unique curriculum for your company.  For this we charge based on a day rate based on an agreed numbwer of development days.   

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Tailored is based on the 80/20 principle. So we eake one of our exiosting offerings as 80% of the content and the remaining 20% is tailored to your business (e.g. exercises are tailored to your field).  For this we do not charge for development but recover the cost in the participant fees based on an agreed minimum level of trainings.

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Off the Shelf

Off the shelf simply means you csan send participants to one of our public courses OR we run a class for you but using our existing material and course comntent.

For this the cost is based on a per participant fee with low (or sometimes no) commitment to volume.

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