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Our Core Products

We have spent years helping organisations build in-house training products and below is the outline of the standard products we develop.  When choosing an "off the shelf" or tailored option as mentioned in Our Service it is usually one of these core product we are offering or tailoring.


Although most courses we run are private, we do occasionally offer them as public course.  To see what is currently available click below. 

Agile Courses

Our "4 All" courses are designed to bring Agile and Scrum to everyone. 

So they are not just those in IT/Software Development but are relevant to anyone looking to leverage Agile and Scrum in any work environment.

Continuous Improvement Courses

Our CI Courses come from years of experience in building multi-layered capability, in organisations large and small, so that the performance improvement culture and infrastructure works as a complete system.

Image by Joshua Earle

Leadership Level

Either in-person or online this 2 day (1+1) practical course is designed to enable leaders to understand and practice how to define and deploy business targets, visualise them, set a cadence and establish how to close any performance gaps.

Delivered as a "workshop" over 1 day (or 3x3 hour virtual sessions), this is then supported by a second day or "follow-up" sessions that  provides coaching and support deployment.

Image by krakenimages

Sponsor Level

A 1 day training (in person or virtual) on how to define, charter and sponsor Improvement Projects for both single project and multi project deployments.  This teaches sponsors about their role, what deliverable to expect, how to ask powerful questions and coach project practitioners. 

Image by Austin Distel

Project Practitioner Level

The flagship 4 day course that teaches participants how to initiate and lead a structured project using CI methods such as Lean, Agile, A3, PDCA, Causal Reasoning and DMAIC.  Rather than one methodology it takes a holistic approach and then guides participants through how to use what and when, to deliver the best outcomes.  This can also be supported by project evaluations and/or coaching if required.

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