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Our Services

We offer three approaches to development of curriculum as well as guidance and coaching support for leaders and practitioners

Our 3 Approaches to Curriculum Development

Image by Júnior Ferreira


Bespoke means we come in and assess your requirements, then work with you to design an exclusive and unique curriculum for your company.  For this we charge a day rate based on an agreed number of development days and support for pilot tests.   

Image by Med Badr  Chemmaoui


Based on the 80/20 principle: circa 80% of the content comes from our existing materials and the remaining 20% is tailored to your industry/business (e.g. context, examples and exercises).  For this there is zero development cost to the client, our investment is recovered from participant fees based on an agreed number of attendees.

Image by Guzel Maksutova

Off the Shelf

Companies can either send participants to one of our public courses, or we run an exclusive class (minimum attendees required) using our existing material and course content.

The cost is simply based on a per participant fee.

Guidance and Coaching Support

We offer a comprehensive range of coaching and support models for all levels of an organisation.

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For Executives

For those tasked with business transformation, setting strategic direction and shaping the culture of an organisation (ways of working) we offer coaching for experienced executives from major multinationals.  

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For Leaders & Managers

For leaders and managers tasked with defining and deploying business outcomes that require a systematic approach to targeting, cadence, measurement and structured problem solving (gap closure) we offer 1-2-1 coaching support.

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For Practitioners

Delivering a project and/or change?  We have a wealth of experience in supporting and coaching CI and Process Practitioners through tactical projects and the delivery of tangible business value.  

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